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Winter Maternity Session

When Lyna contacted me for a family/maternity session, I was over the moon. Lyna is one of those people that has an incredibly upbeat personality with an infectious energy- just ask all of the students at her p90x classesJ

For this shoot we wanted a very specific look- wintery scenery, but very warm tones with a golden backlight. I loved that Lyna wanted me to have a vision for this shoot, but she also had a very specific look in mind.

When you have a very specific vision in mind for your shoot, here are a few tips to ensure bringing that vision to life:

–       Share that vision with your photographer and make sure the technical details are mapped out. ( If you want a golden look to your images, that won’t be achieved by shooting during a cloudy grey day.)

–       Coordinate the look and feel of the shoot- what you will wear, how your interactions will be- ( do you want a formal shoot with lots of posing? Or a natural shoot?)

–       And finally, if you are working with a family that has little kids- make sure the mom has a snack bribe on board. When in doubt, bring all the snacks for your kiddos at a shoot.

I am so happy with how this session turned out and that we were able to do it in the nick of time- because 2 days later Lyna went into labor and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby!!!

I always feel so honored when people choose to work with me for a shoot.  I am feeling very thankful to be able to capture such a wide gamut of life experiences and milestones for families and couples.

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