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Happiness in the midst of Coronavirus

San Francisco Parking Garage couples session. It seems weird to try and continue posting photos and blogging as if nothing different is happening in the world. I have struggled with trying to balance continuing to run a business, but realizing things are vastly different… and how do I address that with my wonderful clients? Despite the quarantine, people will still have babies, people will still fall in love, and all of those things deserve to be celebrated and documented. What is the balance between being socially responsible and still serve my clients?

The answer to that is to pause- to stop- to reflect, and to realize that now is a moment to support my clients by showcasing their big life moments, celebrating their milestones, but putting new shoots on hold. Many of my clients are healthcare workers, and to them, I say: you are doing an awesome job, and you have a league of supporters behind you. The best way we can support and love our healthcare workers is to do exactly what they ask. Stay home. Listen to Social Distancing guidelines. And send as many messages of support as possible.

And finally- a brief note about Stephanie and Andrew. This session was shot right when Covid-19 had its first few cases in the US, but things were still very normal. They were so happy as newlyweds, and to celebrate their new upcoming adventure- becoming parents. My hope for them right now is that they can continue to have joy, to look forward to that adventure with excitement, and to remember to focus on the good things in life right now – that’s really all that matters.

Abby Maki

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