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How to get the engagement session you’ve always wanted

Someday soon (hopefully), this weird time of pandemic fear will be behind us, and we will be able to go back to our favorite coffee shops, have a drink with a friend at the pub, spend time with friends, and finally most importantly (for me) shoot engagement sessions again. This blog post is written with that in mind – some easy to apply advice on how to plan a fun engagement session with your photographer.

I am going to keep this short, so you will really only have to remember 3 key takeaways that will help you have a fun and chill session with your photographer.

1) Wear outfits that are comfortable and match who you are as a couple. I have written about this before, but really I can’t say this enough. If you are not a dress girl – don’t wear a dress.  You will only end up feeling forced and not like yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. And do not forget about the guy! So many times we forget that if your guy doesn’t feel comfortable in his collared shirt it will show in the images (sometimes a classic colored v neck t- shirt is the easiest and the comfiest). Spend some time talking together about what you feel comfy in and plan it out together.

2) Have a drink or coffee together beforehand – show up to the location relaxed and already having set the tone for fun and romance.

3) Here is the final and most important onedon’t take each other too seriously. Seriously – remember to make corny jokes, laugh at each other’s weird expressions, and allow yourself to be giddy with happiness and goofiness. This might sound ridiculous, but think about it- as an adult when was the last time you gave yourself permission to laugh and play like a little kid? To make silly jokes or tickle your significant other? Now is the time to do it!

So these next few weeks, think about the upcoming good things: green grass, summer, an ending pandemic (hopefully) and then let’s plan that engagement session!

Abby Maki

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