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Missoula, Montana Mommy & Me session

Missoula, Montana Mommy & Me session.
I frequently get asked what a “Mommy and me” session is and how it’s different from a family session, so I thought I would do a brief blog post about how I approach each session differently, and what your final images will look like.

I love these sessions because I frequently see how little photos that families have with mommy in it. Most of the time mom is the image taker, and so there is a huge gap in documenting mom with her children- and that gap makes me sad. As a mother myself, I know how important it is to me to have images to give my daughters of us together. For this very reason, I encourage every mother to do at least one session like this.

Mommy and me session- focus on the interaction between mother and child. I strive to get a picture of the mother with each individual child if she has multiple children, and if she has one child, I like to focus on a variety of images of the details of their interaction.

Finally, for these sessions, I really like to choose a location that is the mother’s favorite. This session is all about what makes the mother happy, and the places she loves to take her children. For this session, the mother Serena really loved the brick and textured alleyways of downtown Missoula, so I wanted to make sure to incorporate that into this session. Finally, it was really important to her to have one image of her with her three boys, just goofing off like they do at home. I was so happy to be able to get this image for her and be able to preserve this place in time for this mom’s memory.


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