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Jamestown, Nd Branding Session With Morgan

Jamestown Branding Session With Morgan

I loved every minute of this session for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one was that Morgan allowed me to really direct/push this session creatively and try new things that perhaps we wouldn’t normally do.

Shooting in harsh light, working with textured backgrounds, playing with odd posing positions- sometimes these things work well during a shoot, and sometimes they completely flop. That’s why its important to play with these, and work with a client who will allow you too.

Branding sessions are an important- attaching an image to a product or a business makes you more relatable, more human, and it helps your followers build trust with you- knowing who you are and why they should trust your business or you product. It make the ambiguous business owner seem more like a person, or if done well, a friend.

Morgan is such a fun, young and dynamic business owner who exudes energy and joy in every setting- so that is what we wanted to portray during this session- I hope you feel these things as you look at these images.


Abby Maki

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