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Midnight portrait session at the DC-3 plane wreck in Iceland

There are some places that just naturally lend themselves to incredible spaces for portrait making. Iceland is one of those places, and that’s also why my last three blog posts have featured work from there- but seriously, the place screams photo at every turn of its windy roads.

I wanted this portrait session to be moody, tonal, and dark- given the setting of a plane crash, I didn’t think a “light and airy” edit would suffice the scene. Lindsey wore a blue lace dress that fit the light color perfectly, and set off her red hair, creating a gorgeous color contrast. I had just purchased my Canon 5d mk iv, and this was the perfect opportunity to test out its high ISO range and noise reduction. It worked beautifully. This was one of my favorite memories of 2019, and now that I have edited the gallery, I can happily say one of my favorite portrait sessions.

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